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When is a Photograph Art?

One of my creative heroes, the French literary critic and poet, Charles Baudelaire, essentially condemned photography in terms of its ability to be a vehicle for art; journalism and record keeping? Absolutely. Art? Sacre bleu! No way. In this exploration, I wrestle with the definition of “art photograph,” and come to a new sense of vision for my own work.

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Always the Last to Know

What follows is definitely not considered “cool” for serious artists to do. ABSTRACT: Nearing the end of a rigorous period of self-examination, I was surprised to learn that both my expressions and my repressions are tightly polarized and clearly on display in my own photographic work. That it seems to be a “discovery” is itself, nearly […]

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Gaining Trust in an Untrustworthy World

In a recent series of blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and Tweets, BaudelaireSextonBlake has wondered aloud, “does truth matter?” This comes in reaction to a number of post-election conversations in the media asking, “do facts matter?”For marketers, and really, to broaden that distinction, for anyone with a story to tell, this is a crucial question. Because […]

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