Window seat all to myself

Human beings have a unique ability — unique, as far as we know, that is — to live vicariously. We can feel other’s joy and other’s pain; it’s a literal transference.

This is why we cry at movies and cheer our heads off at athletic events.

Taken further, this means we have the ability to time travel and, more importantly, to shape shift. It’s a human superpower.

And how do we tap into this ability? We tell stories.

When we are captivated by another’s story, we time travel and shape shift. We live vicariously.

And this isn’t fluff. This is genuine. This is real. It causes us — all of us — to change the direction we’re going in.

We ultimately tell ourselves stories, and we write ourselves into the script; we become actors; very convincing ones — in dramas, comedies, and farces.

This is why journalistic photography, editorial photography, and fine art photography is critically important; when executed mindfully, it is not easy, it is not meant to be “pretty,” it it is directive and latently powerful.

The real mystery is that this ability isn't heralded and joyously championed — and used more intentionally to make life universally better for others.