Portrait: Lily Alice — Culture Blogger

Lily Alice on her deck

Lily Alice is the poster child for an anachronism.

At any time, you’ll find her listening to The Rat Pack, watching TCM, or having donned a vintage apron, cooking a meal comprised of carefully-harvested delicacies from one of her many gardens.

“I really wasn’t cut out for this world. All the things I’m good at, people don’t want to pay for.”

This photographer disagrees. She makes one whale of a mixed drink, made all the more delicious by the fact that she invents a recipe for you on the fly, after learning of your likes and dislikes.

She has a stadium full of people following her musings on everything from etiquette, the devolution of culture, cooking, the panoply of the arts, and as she likes to say, “how to be cool in a world that’s forgotten how.”

Read her prolific prognostications at liliales.typepad.com, as well as Google+