Part of The System

Photography is something I absolutely love. I love the technical challenges; I love the creative challenges; I love the power that it offers to tell a story in such a succinct way. 

I also love it because it can be a rather “pure” art — ​the photographer can see something a certain way, then capture what he or she sees and then have something tangible to share with others. 

My professional life hasn’t always been so tidy.

For half of my professional communications life, my biggest clients were companies that made their profit ​by marketing drugs. I learned things during that time that made it rather difficult for me to go to the doctor with any sense of hopefulness or trust. So when my mom was recently in the hospital, I captured this shot — and subsequently retouched it — after witnessing a conversation between her and one of her caregivers. 

“Healthcare” is a very, very challenging issue in the US economy. On one side, it’s a for-profit business; on the other, it purports to offer the highest level of care to people who need it. The two realities make for uncomfortable bedmates.

To those doctors, nurses, scientists, and healthcare companies who hold to the highest ideals of human service, I applaud you; your day to day efforts have wrought miracles and kept people enjoying each other and life in general in fantastic ways. I hope earnestly to have the opportunity to bring my expertise to bear to visually tell the best of your stories. 

To those companies, however, that see us and our loved ones vis-a-vis our maladies as conduits to revenue, please know that I will also ​train my lens to expose the disservice that you do in the name of “care.”