Midwest Euro-bikers

In a region where Harley is king, these motorcyclists choose the rarer way to ride.

Ducati. BMW. Triumph. Moto Guzzi. KTM. MV Agusta.

Sure, you’ve heard of BMW, and probably Ducati, even if you’ve never touched a motorcycle throttle, much less thrown a leg over one. But what about these other names? If you live in one of America’s largest cities, you’ll see — and hear — all of these marques as they roar down the street. But in the middle of the country, when you do see one, it’s a head-turner.

I relocated from New Jersey to Cincinnati, Ohio. And I brought my Ducati with me, of course. I didn’t want her to feel lonely, so I found her some Euro friends who can rumble in her language. These are their portraits.