Is it Live, or is it iPod?



A week and a half in the amazing multicultural homogeneousness that is Geneva, Switzerland.

I could barely look at the world through both eyes, because I was incessantly pulling the viewfinder up to my face.

I took SO many images that were compelling to me. Forcing myself to pull ONE for this feature was excruciating.

But here it is.

The band on the sidewalk became a roving feature for me, along the streets near Lake Geneva.

Although they were extremely talented, their appointed panhandler was — well — obnoxious.

(Even by this American’s standards.)

The woman with the orange bag, very much with child was nonetheless filled with that nonchalant sense of style that I saw in so many Swiss women. She was also completely undisturbed by the otherwise loud and focused attentions of the band.

I do wonder what she was listening to.