How to Star in Your Own Environmental Portrait

Download this simple, visual guide to choosing and working with an artist-photographer for a portrait you’ll treasure. It goes into the value, process, and pricing parameters of an environmental portrait.

What's the
process like?

An environmental (or sometimes called a “narrative” portrait) isn't just walking in, taking a seat, and smiling for the camera. It’s a collaborative, creative experience you have with an artist-photographer. 

This guide will give you some insight to what you and your photographer will do along the way to create a compelling image.

Narrative portraits reveal who you are and what you do, not just how you look.

It's about purpose, not just “pretty.” This guide helps you understand the difference, why it’s actually a luxury experience, and how to get the most out of that experience.

Very few portrait photographers create narrative portraits.

This guide will help you choose one who can, and one that's right for the image you wish to convey.

It gives you a criteria by which to judge a narrative portrait photographer that you can use in your own interview process.