Cleves moto test. Vroom.

I’ve been gathering footage for over a year for a self-funded documentary about the Cleves Time Trial series. “Cleves,” as it’s competitors simply refer to it, is a 10.2 circuit through a sparsely populated area of Cleves, Ohio, a little town on the Ohio River in southwestern Ohio. It's been running continuously since 1974 from May to September. 

After using my car as the rolling camera mount for several sessions, I thought I'd go all Le Tour on it and instead, mounted 2 cams on my motorcycle.

This test is just that — a test. It's not the official trailer for the documentary by any stretch.

But it was fun to play with.

The full documentary will feature interviews, animation, stills, and whatever else I can hurl at it that helps communicate just how truly wonderful Cleves is. I keep thinking it’s like the cycling version of the bar, “Cheers.”

Thanks to cyclists Eric Bair and Andrew Jones (as well as the rest of the Queen City Wheels) for allowing me ​and my noisy Ducati to hound them while they're pedalling their hearts out.