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Is it Live, or is it iPod?

  A week and a half in the amazing multicultural homogeneousness that is Geneva, Switzerland. I could barely look at the world through both eyes, because I was incessantly pulling the viewfinder up to my face. I took SO many images that were compelling to me. Forcing myself to pull ONE for this feature was […]

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A Girl Can Only Do So Much

Some days, the light that surrounds you changes everything. It can even generate ideas. New ideas. Even in places you’d been to often. Driving late one afternoon in central New Jersey, I was marveling at the golden light of the almost-setting sun. I came across a wide open field where farmers where out rolling hay […]

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Portrait: Lily Alice — Culture Blogger

Lily Alice is the poster child for an anachronism. At any time, you’ll find her listening to The Rat Pack, watching TCM, or having donned a vintage apron, cooking a meal comprised of carefully-harvested delicacies from one of her many gardens. “I really wasn’t cut out for this world. All the things I’m good at, […]

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