A Girl Can Only Do So Much

Woman in field of hay bales

Some days, the light that surrounds you changes everything. It can even generate ideas. New ideas. Even in places you’d been to often.

Driving late one afternoon in central New Jersey, I was marveling at the golden light of the almost-setting sun. I came across a wide open field where farmers where out rolling hay bales. The field was expansive, and the first thing that hit me was,

“That whole hay bale thing used to be done by hand.”

The next afternoon, I drive past the same field, and there they were: gorgeous golden bales bathed in golden light.

And I thought, “How exhausted would one person be if they had been responsible for doing all of that by hand. Like, with a rake.

And that’s how personal projects are born.

I asked a friend if she’d pose. Casual work attire, complete with “sensible heels,” and an impossibly small rake.

4 wireless flashes and a wide-angle lens later, we had the image that I could see in my head staring back at me from the back of my Nikon.

It’s a beautiful feeling.